Indonesian citizen No Need Visa To Europe

2 Jan

JAKARTA – One step more, a citizen of Indonesia no longer need to have a visa for the country visited Schangen, namely European countries, except Britain and Ireland.

Head of Immigration Office Soekarno Hatta Airport, Rochadi Iman Santoso, reporters when met at the Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Region of Jakarta, Friday (30/12/2011), said Indonesia only need to achieve the status of Annex 1.

Currently, within the scope of the immigration world, Indonesia has just reached the status of Annex 2. One result is the visa for the country Schangen no longer take weeks, but only 3-5 days.

“The Europeans are no longer consult with other parties unuk receive citizen of Indonesia,” he said.

One effort to pursue the staus Annex 1 is penggelonoran E-Passport program, or electronic passports, and automatic gate, or are familiar with auto gate called.

E-Passport itself is a passport that is equipped with a chip, containing biographical data, ie data such as date of birth, address and profession, and biometrics, which contains facial recognition, fingerprint want any retina of the eye.

According to him, these passports could hardly be falsified, because it contains biographical and biometric data, thus reducing the level of misuse of a passport.

Passports will be checked by an auto gate, so the owner does not have to meet with immigration officials. Electronic passport owners only have to pass the gate, and then underwent a computerized examination.

In Indonesia alone, electronic passports until the end of this year already dikleuarkan sekiar 12 thousand pieces, and can only dirusu at the Immigration Office in Central Jakarta, South Jakarta and West Jakarta. While the auto gate itself is now only held at Soekarno-Hatta.

“In 2015, the plan all passports will use electronic passports, and auto gate reproduced,” he added.

The requirements to achieve the status of Annex 1 is the low level of illegal migrants in the EU, and Indonesia to get it.

In addition it is the role of a country in the region Erpoa Union. According to him, with Indonesia signed in as a member of the G-20, Indonesia certainly considered to have an important role for the world economy.

“Fourth is the integrity and kridibelitas, with the electronic passport, then all misuse can be minimized, even eliminated, so that the integrity and kredibelitasnya terhada,” he explained.

In Southeast Asia alone, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei have managed to get Annex 1, and tidah citizens must have visas for countries visited Schangen.

One of the crucial things in the acquisition status of the Annex 1 is the use of electronic passports, by the foreign ministry.

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