Stop Visa TKI Evidence Arabia does not care about the Migrant Workers

1 Jul

Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stopped issuing visas to Indonesian workers (TKI) as a labor system reform measures. This attitude is considered further clarify the Government of Saudi antiperlindungan on migrant workers in their country. That should do is not to stop issuing visas, but to ensure the protection of migrant workers.

I think this reinforces the attitude that the Saudis are anti protection on migrant workers. Yet precisely for this country that puts labor in there such as Indonesia and the Philippines hope for improvement, especially on the protection of migrant workers, said Migrant Care Policy Analyst, Wahyu Susilo, while talking to AFP on Friday (07/01/2011).

Migrant Care rate, the Saudis do not have good political will to affairs of migrant workers. Thus, he suggested to the government of Indonesia no longer be obedient to what the Saudi government on migrant workers who have experienced violence.

This is a lesson for the Indonesian government to no longer obedient to the violence that occurs in our workers. If we continue to tolerate the situation, we like to justify the actions of Saudi antiperlindungan do. Because we see this Saudis did not have the political will for it, he said.

Saudi statement, too, Migrant Care hope the government is no longer sending migrants to the country. Governments should be able to find another country that could behave more friendly to labor Indonesia.

What the Saudi’s stated position has been clear to him, then we recommend that the government no longer memprimadonakan Arabia as a destination of migrant workers who do not provide protection to the workers. We have to divert to another country could be more friendly to our migrant workers, he said.

Earlier, the Saudi government decided to stop granting visas to migrant workers on Wednesday. But this decision into effect on Saturday (2 / 7) tomorrow. Minister of Manpower and Transmigration Muhaimin Iskandar ensure despite discontinuance of the visas for the workers, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia will continue to discuss the MoU labor protection.


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